Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine And Football printables.


Are your children getting ready for Valentines day?  Of course a lot of you are probably getting excited about the Super Bowl Game on Sunday. 
I'm not into football.  I'm really not into sports but my husband is a football fanatic.  Of course it has to be one of the 2 Tennessee teams he follows (the Tennessee Volunteers and the Tennessee Titans.  The Vols. are a College team and the Titans are a professional team.  I know that he wishes there was a way for him to go see a game from his High School in Grundy County Tennessee occasionally.

The first link is for How to Homeschool my Child by Stephen and Kerry Beck.  The have a package for Valentine's Day called "83 Good Ideas for Valentines Day".  This is a full package and all you have to do is go to the site and send your email address and they will send the link to you.  While you are at it sign up for their newsletter.  They are always sending freebies out that  are wonderful and they are always well worth downloading.
Here is what the Beck's have on their site to describe this freebie:
This resource has our “Top 10 Ways Our Family Celebrates Valentine’s Day”.

Of course, we’ve includes all sorts of ideas for Valentine Cards. I’ve also included some fun activities that homeschool families can use. This includes
  • History of Valentine’s Day
  • Bible  activities
  • Writing activity
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Valentine’s Around the World Ideas
  • and a few “romantic” ideas for moms!
Finally, I’ve includes a multitude of ways other families celebrate Valentine’s Day. "
You can find how to get the freebie at:
Here are the links for the Other Valentines freebies and the freebies for Football

Guildcraft Arts and Crafts
                “Happy Freebie Friday! Here are some of our Valentine’s Day Freebies that we absolutely LOVE! Freebie Friday’s make planning holiday events a little easier for you, and fun for your group to enjoy.
                You can also find all their past Freebie Friday items at:

A Journey through Learning Lapbooks
                FREE Valentine’s Day Cards and Coupons!
                Free Football Printables Pack.  Just in time for the Super Bowl.
I hope that you will enjoy all the freebies today.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Sweet Treat

If you have someone in your house who has a sweet tooth then you might try these wonderful cookies.  My grandmother Uhlenbecker gave the recipe to me when I was little.  It came out 12 years before I was born.  I have made these and they are fantastic.  I made a few changes to the recipe myself because of my sons allergies.  But I have put some hints at the end of the recipe of what to use.  I will mention that the vanilla wafers must have been larger in 1939 than they are today because when I did the recipe just as was given to me it made more than 18 cookies.  I got more like about 55-60.

Stuffed Vanilla Wafers
2 Tbs.  Butter
2 Tbs. Flour
1/8 Tsp. salt
1/2 cup Pet Milk
1 1/2 cup shredded coconut*
18 Vanilla Wafers
Melted Semi sweet or sweet Chocolate (optional)
Melt the butter over boiling water.  Mix in the flour and salt.  Stir in 1 ½ cup pet milk slowly.  Cook until thick and smooth stirring constantly.   Add 16 marshmallows stirring while cooking until all the marshmallows are melted.   Remove from heat and fold in the coconut.  Cool Thoroughly.   Spread on flat side of 18 vanilla wafers.  Cover with 18 vanilla wafers putting the flat side nest to filling.
Filling will be thin when the marshmallows are melted but the when the coconut is added it will be just right for spreading.
If you want you can melt some semisweet or sweet chocolate and when the filled vanilla wafers are done take and place them on cookie cooling racks that you put on a cookie sheet.  Pour the melted chocolate over them.  Turn over the stuffed vanilla wafers and reheat the chocolate that is on the cookie sheet and pour over the bottom of the stuffed vanilla wafers.
*I do not use coconut because my oldest son is allergic to coconut.    You can use ground nuts if you want. 
*I got this recipe from my grandmother Uhlenbecker.  She got it from a 1939 Radio show by Mary Lee Taylor for the Pet milk company.  Grandma is the one who added the chocolate she had a bit of a sweet tooth.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hints for finding time for MOM

I read a email that asked for hints for a mom who was about to loose it because she had children that were quite different in age.  I wrote to the blog owner with some hints that might help that mom and I began to think that maybe these hints would be helpful to other moms who are being run ragged even if they only have one child. 

Here are the hints I came up with.  If you have any ideas that I have not put down share them with me and I will share them with others.


1.  See if a church in your area has a mom's day out program.
2.  Can your husband take care of the children while you takes your shower or bath at night?  Even giving you a half hour to take your shower will give you time to care for yourself.
3.  Get a baby sitter for a couple hours on the weekend and plan the next weeks homeschool materials.
4.  A 9 year old is old enough to care for the baby while you showers.
5.  Make the baby's naptime everyone's naptime including the 9 year old. That should give you some time to do things for yourself.  I know a 9 year old will complain but hey mom has to have some time herself.
6.  Is there another young mom in the neighborhood that would be willing to swap child care for a specific time with you once a week.  You can take care of the other moms children one day for a couple hours and the other mom can take care of your children one day for a couple hours.
7.  This is one of the most important.  Choose which emails you get and decide which ones you really wants to continue to get and cancel the others.  You needs your time and too much email is too much email.  I am learning that myself.

Friday, January 24, 2014

I am sorry that I did not write yesterday.  I have been fighting a cold and sinus infection and just did not have the energy to do much at all. 

I am a Messianic Jew.  I know some are asking what a Messianic Jew is and simply we are Jews who have accepted that Yeshua Jesus is the Messiah that was promised us in the Tenach.  We celebrate the Jewish holidays and although we celebrate the Christian holidays we do it in a different way then most Christians. 
One difference is that instead of celebrating Resurrection Sunday when the calendar says to celebrate it.  We will celebrate it the Sunday after Passover.  The Passover was the prophecy of Messiah  dying for the sins of the world.  That was the only way it could happen.  Well Yeshua Jesus did just that.
If you would be interested in leaning more about the Jewish holidays go to the "Heart of Wisdom" website and you fill find a lot of information to study on Judaism.  The links I am sharing are for Robins free materials and her store where you can get more informed materials about Judaism.  I have her Family Guide to Biblical Holidays and it will give you a better understand of the "Biblical Holidays" and then you will have a better understanding of what we believe in the New Testament.

Free Materials on Robins Site
Robins Store
Lesson Plans
Finally here is Robins blog.  You can find a wealth of information here

Have fun  going through Robins site.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is your day going the same day after day?  Get up, devotions, breakfast, homeschool, lunch, more homeschool if everything isn't done, supper, chores and you fall into bed tired and you feel like you are just surviving everyday?
Then check out Chrystal Pains "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode".
Check out the book at:
Go to this link to read the introduction and chapter One:
You will find help for letting go.  I know in reading chapter one I got some ideas that I will try to put into action in my life.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

      Have you ever felt like you were overwhelmed with email.  I have been feeling like that for some time.  I usually end up deleting a bunch and then feel guilty. 
      Today I was about to delete something and instead I opened it and boy am I glad I did. 
      The email had the link to a site called Nephilim the Remnant.  This site is for a book called "The Nephilim the Remnant".  A Book on the end time.  If you remember Jesus told his disciples that the end times would be like in the days of Noah.  Well the reason the flood happened was because the people of the world were corrupted except for Noah and his family.  That is where the Nephilim came in.  A cross between human women and angels they were called Nephilim. 
       The site has a Bible study for children on Putting on "The Whole Armor of God which we find in Ephesians 6:10-18.
        Along with the Study on the "Whole Armor of God" you can also find a eBook that is a study help for the book Nephilim the Remnant. 
        Check out the links below to check out not only the book on the Nephilim but the study on the "Whole Armor of God" and the Nephilim eBook.
         I downloaded the Bible study and the eBook both and find that they are excellent study materials for your children and for yourself.  I was in no way paid or asked to write this preview.  I did it because I felt the materials were well worth sharing with you.  The links are below:

Nephilim the Remnant

                This is the website for a book by the same name.  But the owner has a Boys and Girls Curriculum on “The Whole Armor of God”.    It is something all children need to be studying as they grow.  I downloaded the files and they are very good.  It would be a great study to use with your children no matter their age (although I think I would keep it for them till they were at least 8.

                You can also download a free eBooklet on Nephilim the Remnant at this links


Monday, January 20, 2014


I have 2 yahoo groups where I share links with my members.  The first group is called WherecanIfindit and I share links with this group 5 days a week.  In each newsletter there are about 6-8 links.  The second group is WherecanIfinditweekly and I share the links that I sent the first group from Tuesday to the following Monday.  They get the same links as the first group but in one email.
Here is a link from both groups today.  You will always find great links here 5 days a week.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day

Well, we are finally over the flu here (yay!) and are back with another great lineup of great resources for you this week!  Here's the lineup:

Monday, January 20th:  MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY Resources

Tuesday, January 21st:  10-WEEK "POETRY FOR KIDS" COURSE

Wednesday, January 22nd:  THE LONG WINTER, BY LAURA INGALLS WILDER (MP3 audio)

Great Old Time Radio dramatization of this classic story! 

Thursday, January 23rd:  THE AMAZING TRUE STORY OF TYPHOID MARY (MP3 audio) 

Friday, January 24th:  WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO HAVE A TOOTHACHE - 400 YEARS AGO! (MP3 audio)

This great history story is guaranteed to get your kids to brush their teeth! Yow! :)

All of the above resources can be found on their respective days at:


Sunday, January 19, 2014

My first blog

This is my first official blog.  Don't know where it will go but I hope to share links for homeschool, recipes, scripture and just everyday things. 
Hope to see you here soon