Monday, March 31, 2014

Let your children enjoy the stories you did.

Do you remember the stories on records that they had in the 50's and early 60's?  Did you think that they were gone for good?  Well you can get them online. 
There is a site called Kidde Records where you can get the records divided  into the 4 years that they started this site.  2005,2006,2007 and 2009 Christmas Records, New additions, More Golden Age Classics, Long Playing Records, and More Golden Classics. 
I counted the ones I could (they are working on the 05,06,07 and 08) and I was unfortunately able to check how many they had in the 07 file because that one is still down.  You can see the records that will be in the years of 05-06 and 08 but will not be able to download the records because they had a problem and they are having to put all the records back up.  So the number of records that I came up with was 578 and there will be about 50-70 in the 07 file when they get it back up.
There is a charge of $9.99 for a life time membership and you will be able to get the stories and music we used to listen to as children without having to worry about it.
To check out Kidde Records weekly go to:


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Win with the Christian Homeschool Hub

If you are like a lot of homeschoolers today you depend on the Internet to find your materials for your children.  No matter if you are buying Curriculum or getting all your materials from the internet you will want to check out the Christian Homeschool Hub.  This is a site you will need to pay to join but the subscription price is $25 per year and your membership price will never go up.  Or maybe you would like to buy a lifetime membership to the site.  The cost for that is only $99.  I know I have always said ONLY $99 but if you consider how old your child(ren) are and how much longer you will be homeschooling the cost will come out to the following:
Preschool:  $6.60 per year                          Kindergarten:  $8.25 per year
1st Grade:  $9.00 per year                          2nd Grade        $9.90 per year
3rd Grade:  $11.00 per year                       4th Grade         $12.38 per year
5th Grade:  $14.15 per year                       6th Grade         $ 16.50 per year
7th Grade:  $ 19.80 per year                      8th Grade         $24.75 per year
If you have a 9th grader and above then you should probably buy the yearly subscription each year.  Now if you have 2 or more children you will need to divide the cost each year by the number of children you are teaching each year. 
Of course you can sign up for the newsletter and in each newsletter you will get at least one item free.
Now that I have gotten all the money information out of the way you will want to know what kind of materials you can get.   
There are 19 different categories and I would say that there are approximately 2500 + different items to download from the site.  In cost alone you are saving thousands of dollars.  Do you like the Old Textbooks.  Like McGuffey Readers, Rays Arithmetic and Harvey's English Series.  I would love to be able to get the Spenserian penmanship   Hint, Hint Linda.  ;0)
But you can get more than that.  Lapbooks, Notebooks and more.  Because of the amount of items that are on the site I can't list them all.
If you want to check out the site go to:
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Link that will give and give and give

Have you ever found a site that you start downloading and you keep downloading and downloading and downloading more.  Well I found that site today.  Actually I have known of the site for some time and have always loved what I got there but today I did some searching and I was blown away by what I found.  If you have small children then be prepared to save and to keep saving and make sure you have enough ink to print all that you find.

What is this paragon of sites?  It's a simple name 1+1+1=1.  I found out that they are a Inner city Missionary Family here in America.  They are a family of 5 Dad, Mom and 3 children.  and when you read about why they named their site and blog 1+1+1=1 you will find that you agree with them.   As a retired missionary (or I should say retired from Active work on the mission field her in America) I love that they care enough to share their materials with others.  They are a Blessing from God for the Homeschool community.

If you would like to see their site and what had me saving for the past 6 hours go to the Just Color section of their site and then go on further until you can't go on any further.

When your finished go and sign up for their newsletter.  You will enjoy it.


Friday, March 21, 2014

This link is one for everyone. 
Provided By Sheri Graham these materials are the perfect thing to teach the Bible to your children.  It has everything you need to teach the Bible.  It is copybooks for each book of the Bible.  Your child will learn the Bible by writing each book out in their own handwriting.  The eBooks are free.  Information for paperback books are also at the link.

             There are eBooks for each book of the Bible, making this a wonderful resource for you and your kids to use copying the Bible.  Why not try to copy a book of the Bible this summer with your children. 
Something I learned in my Bible studies is the fact that the Kings of Israel had to copy the whole Tenach [the first five books of the Bible] before they could be crowned?  Learn the Bible in a whole new way.

I hope that you enjoy these printables  and while you are on Sheri's site why not go and check out her other materials both free and those that cost.  Her prices and reasonable and you will enjoy the materials.


Sheri Graham

             On this link of Sheri’s you will find her FREE and that means it is totally FREE  “My Bible Copy Books”{free ebook series}

This is a great thing for ALL grade levels and age levels.  From the First grader learning to write to the 99+ year old grandmother and grandfather

Monday, March 17, 2014


I have another set of links from one site that I think you will all love.  The Toymaker sends out a newsletter every month with paper toys to download for your children to make.  They are easy and fun.  They will learn how to make cards, boxes, books, games, animals and so much more.  The links for the main sections of her site are below and you and your children can enjoy finding toy after gift boxes after animals and means of transportation and so much more.
Enjoy the Paper toys and more.


The Toy Maker

                Fairy Market Bake Shop for your children to make and play with.

                Saint Patrick’s Day page

                Almond Pair Cake Recipe

                Past Toymaker Newsletters where you can find all sorts of great crafts for your children

                If you want to download all the holiday crafts simply go to this link and download the crafts by holiday.  There may be some things that you do not want so although I love the Toymaker there are things I don’t download myself.

                All the printables Toys from A to Z

                Finally if you want the newsletter each time it comes out then go to this link for the newsletter

Sunday, March 16, 2014

We have had a lot of things going on the past couple weeks.  I caught a sinus infection and my daughter got really sick.  The sad thing about her being sick was she got sick on her birthday.  Her brother was going to take her out to a nice restaurant and so that did not happen.
I hope everyone is doing well and keeping away from the bugs.  Today I received the Homeschool Freebie of the Day newsletter.  I am putting it below so if you are looking for a great elementary Science program to use for your child(ren) then take a look at this one.  It is a large file so they are providing one part each day this week.  I have the book and it is fantastic.  This book is the Giant Handbook of Nature and will let your child enjoy science.


Homeschool Freebie of the Day

                Well, every couple of years, because so many folks keep asking for it, we repeat one of the most popular series of resources we've offered on our site. 

                If you are new to Homeschoolfreebieoftheday or just missed it before, be sure to get your copies this time around and see just what a wonderful treasure-trove this is:


                This is a HUGE (940 pages) and absolutely wonderful teaching guide full of hundreds of nature study lessons, activities and discussion questions.  It is a complete multi-year nature study curriculum that you can use for years to come. It is so big (over 100 Megs in size) we divided it into six manageable PDF eBooks for you.

                Here's the rundown for this week:


                In PART ONE, you get a very helpful and practical teacher's guide, including an overview of the purpose, scope and style of the handbook... how each lesson is set up... what nature study should do for your children... how to tie math, art, geography, gardening, agriculture & science into your nature study, and more.  Each lesson begins with a "teacher's story" which can be read to students along with suggested activities & methods, followed by great discussion questions.

                In PART TWO, we jump into the actual lessons, this time devoted to birds & fish. As you'll quickly see, these lessons are wonderfully written, blending history, humor, a bit of poetry, and a delightful sense of wonder into these nature studies.

                Then, over the rest of the week, we'll bring you the balance of this great book:





                Check these out and see why we decided to devote the full week to bringing you this excellent study resource curriculum one more time! It is wonderful. 

                You can find each of these resources on their respective days at:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I was watching a Christian program on Our local Christian station a couple days ago and they had a program by the man who wrote the book "The Harbinger"  he was telling how the book came to be written and at the end he said that if  we would pray 1 Chronicles 7:14  and I mean if the "True Christians" would pray this verse then our nation would be healed.  I had the urgent need to create some prayer cards with the Scripture in 3 different versions and a picture to send it to all I know.  I am sending it to you first so that I can get your honest opinion on these prayer cards.  You ladies are so talented you can tell me what I can do to make these cards better to share with others.